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Liposuction facts

Bathing suit time is never far off. You've exercised and watched your weight all winter yet a few areas still have a bulge. Liposuction is the answer. Liposuction reduces isolated fat deposits. Everyone is talking about the "new" liposuction. There is tumescent, super wet, ultrasonic liposuction and power assisted liposuction. With the tumescent technique, fluid is inserted first to help with the fat removal.  With this technique, there is less bruising.  Ultrasonic liposuction uses radiation to break up the fat and therefore make it easier for the surgeon to remove.  Power assisted liposuction utilizes an oscillating canula for ease of fat removal.  Ultrasonic and power assisted liposuction techniques offer more benefit to the surgeon than the patient. With all of these methods the fat is contoured through a thin tube or canula inserted through a tiny incision. Improved contour, initially, is through the actual fat removal. Intermediate improvement comes from the body's absorption of the fat cells that were ruptured during the surgical procedure.  The final improvement comes from the contraction or tightening of the skin.  This begins at about one month after the procedure and can go on for a few months.  The amount of skin contraction is dependant upon the skin tone.  During the consultation there will be a question and answer period and the opportunity for individuals to be computer imaged to show how one's appearance could be improved with liposuction.


pre liposuction


post liposuction



Liposuction is an excellent technique to remove isolated fat deposits.  Liposuction is NOT a weight reduction alternative.  

The procedure is most often done in my certified operating room with intravenous sedation.  Patients wear a compression garment afterwards and are back to most activities within one week.

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