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 Since the beginning of time, women and men have relentlessly pursued the secret to radiant, younger looking skin.  Cleopatra bathed in sour milk and the ladies of the French Court applied aged wine to their faces to keep their skin smooth and blemish free.  The link between these age old remedies and beautiful clear skin is a group of naturally occurring fruit acids known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA).

 The fruit acids are naturally occurring substances found in citrus fruits, apples, sugar cane and grapes.  The fruit acids act by helping to slough away the layers of superficial cells that build up to form an overly thick skin surface.  By removing this layer and increasing the turnover of cells, the skin develops a smoother texture, the pores can breathe better, and the skin has an overall healthier appearance.

 Glycolic acid has been found to be the most effective and suitable fruit acid for cosmetic application because it has the smallest molecular structure of all the AHA's and the greatest penetration potential.  Glycolic acid promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells which is the skin's natural rejuvenation process.

 While there are other chemicals that are stronger peeling agents, healing time  and "down" time for these techniques is prolonged.  Retin-A, while effective at increasing surface cell turnover, does not appear to give the same amount of improvement as glycolic acid.

 Are you a candidate for Glycolic Acid?  Anyone who has dry skin, sun damaged skin, oily, acne prone skin or skin with age spots or discoloration would benefit from the use of glycolic acid.  Anyone who is interested in starting a skin care maintenance program to keep the skin healthy throughout the years would also benefit from the use of Glycolic acid.

 There are many preparations of glycolic acid on the market. I am recommending the M.D. Formulations product line.  The products offered by this company have a high concentration of glycolic acid and quality in preparation that allows for a consistently superior result.  These products are only sold by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  Their use requires careful supervision.


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