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I donít look as young as I feel.  Give your face a lift.







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A facelift can take years off your appearance. The cheeks, jowls and neck are all tightened. With modern face-lifting techniques, the scars are minimized. Usually, this procedure is done in my office with an anesthesiologist present and deep sedation (not a general anesthetic). Recovery is quite rapid, with most people being presentable in less than two weeks time. Below is a pre and post op photo of a real patient. In the consultation we will discuss the different options in face-lifting. There will be a question and answer period and the opportunity for individuals to be computer imaged to show how one's appearance could be improved with a facelift.







Often I am asked how long a facelift will last.  The answer is that the aging process continues despite the surgical improvement.  Patients who would have another facelift generally go five to ten years before considering it. 

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