Breast Augmentation
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Many women who look at themselves in the mirror wish for a more curvaceous body.  Breast implants, today, are well accepted and can boost a woman’s self esteem.


Implants, with the best information today are safe.  The majority of women choose saline filed implants because of the controversy over the gel silicone filling the silicone implants.  Silicone implants can be utilized if the patient is willing to enter into an investigational study and meets certain other criteria.

 When I choose a breast implant, I choose it based upon the width and height of a woman's chest.  This will assure that the implant fits.  That also means that some women will do best with a round implant and some will do better with a tear drop shaped implant.  It is the patient's chest shape and not the friend's implant that is the determining factor.

Generally the implants are placed beneath the chest muscles.  Initially this makes the breasts look flat, however, after a few weeks the muscles will relax and the breasts will assume a more rounded and softer appearance. Patience is key for a natural result.

I prefer to do the surgery under a general anesthetic.  With complete relaxation the implant can be more accurately placed for a more natural appearance.  Surgery may be done as an out patient at the hospital or in my certified in office operating suite.

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